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Narlen Blue Arm


Sidney Keith, a Hunkpapa Sioux, was Born 10-15-19, Minnecoujou/Hunkpapa, 9 murals in EB., 1961 he was empled with..... President until his passing June 14, 1997. Sidney also began transcribing the Bible to the Lakota Language as well being a LL Instructor for Oglala Lakota College-HeSapa Center for over 10 years. He made his journey before moving into their new facility so OLC named it The Sidney Keith Building in his honor. He attended school at the Cheyenne Agency in South Dakota. In 1939-1941, he attended the Phoenix Indian School, Phoenix, AZ majoring in art on a scholarship from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. In 1941-1945, he served as an Engineering Specialist in the United States Air Force. He started painting in 1937 while still in high school and continued with it after returning from the service in 1945. Since 1945 he has owned his own sign painting service and has done illustrations, cartooning and design work. He has painted murals, two in Eagle Butte, SD and one at the Phoenix Indian School, AZ. Since 1961, he has been employed with the Public Health Service in Eagle Butte, SD. In 1971 he was the art instructor at the Eagle Butte High School and in 1972 for the adult education classes. He also served as President of the Sioux Nations Art Council in Eagle Butte, SD.


His art is realistic in style and his bold interpretation of landscapes and animals lend themselves to a new and startling rendition of Indian art which depicts his great sensitivity to his outlook on life which is a deep religious feeling for life of all types.

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